Timepal Pro

A timer that tracks your time automatically

Timepal Pro delivers an entirely new way of tracking your time on projects. Focus on your work and auto-tracking will do the rest.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hello everyone! We are very excited and astonished to have found Timepal Pro on Product Hunt! A big thank you to William Felker for hunting us :) Timepal Pro was released just a bit over a week ago and the feedback, we received so far, was very positive. We hope to also hear your thoughts on it, let's get the discussion started — ask or tell us anything!
Great job!! 😊 Why doesn’t have for Windows? These are so useful and disappointed with develooers who do not building anything great such as for Mac. Hoping this time my plea is heard!! Thanks
@ayush_chandra Thank you for your support! It is hard to roll out a fresh product on many OS systems. We still have a long road ahead of us, before everything is sorted out. But I promise you, we will not forget the Windows users!
@ayush_chandra @moorstas and linux i hope :) writing gtk apps isnt that hard :)
@ayush_chandra @nikos_efthias1 We are a team of just 2 people and only one of us is a developer. We wanted to start with a native Mac app because we believe and want to deliver only the best quality to our users. That being said, we still want to deliver the Timepal Pro experience to as many people as we possibly can. So stay tuned ;)
@moorstas Do have any plans about using electron? that way you could deliver to all platforms at once. lots of apps like slack prefer electron over platform native uis these days
@nikos_efthias1 Hard to say at this early stage, but for sure not in the near future.
Solid product and team! Well done!
@marques_ph Thank you! Appreciate your support!

Keep on improving and adding features. Good luck guys.


This timer is always in the top bar, easy to start logging your hours. The automatic tracker is a must-have. Overall experience 10+.


Not working with trello, would love to have that button in my trello cards.

Thank you @sammountain for your support and your awesome feedback! The plan to bring an integration with a service like Trello is on our roadmap and we already started to work towards that goal. So stay tuned — it's coming!
😎 Just got myself a TimePal Pro MacOS App! 🤠 "I'm loving this! Automatic and manual time-tracking task!" 🤑 Adding my applications soon!!!! SO COOL! Loving the dark mode!