Automatic time tracking for self-improvement

Timehacker will help you gain a better perspective of how you spend your time on your computer through data. It works by collecting data through a native toolbar app, and then displaying your data through a web app.
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Dear Product Hunters! 👋 I have been using timehacker for a couple of months now. Highly recommended for all of you. Pros: I really liked how simple it is. Instead of fancy designs, timehacker app is to the point, increasing your productivity from day one. Really easy to adapt and take your personal feedback. Cons: Not available for mobile devices
@cagkan Thank you cagkan for your feedback :) We're very interested in building mobile apps for timehacker, to give our users a more complete picture of how they use their time. We have prioritized the web app, thus mobile apps are next. We'll be launching them soon :)
I have been actively using iPhone Screen Time for a while and it really changed how I use my time on my phone. I was looking for a desktop (windows) alternative and it seems that this app will do the work. I liked the simple design and all the detailed reports so far.
Thank you Cagkan for hunting us! We hoped to build an easy to use time tracker to give you insights you never knew about yourself. We would be very very vey happy if you could try timehacker and give us feedback. We really appreciate all the feedback from product hunt community. Just sign-up, download the app and wait for a day to collect the information about your day, and at the end of the day review how you worked! Tracking is automatic, meaning download and forget about the app, no manual work. We're currently in beta, so the app is free. We'll have lifetime discounts for our beta testers, so don't miss out the chance ;)
When do you plan on having your installer signed? My group policy doesn't allowed installations of unsigned packages! But I'd love to test this out.
@ayushpokh Thank you for downloading timehacker. I have just seen that mac installer is signed, but windows installer isn't. We have only signed that installer with self-made certificate 🤦‍♂. I'll be fixing this and uploading the signed windows installer as soon as possible. I'll let you know here, when it's ready. Thank you again for spotting this.
@ayushpokh Hey Ayush! You can now download the signed installer ;) Thank you again for the feedback.
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