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TimeFerret is a calendar app for iPhone & iPad. The 24-hour donut view lets you quickly find out how your day is structured and how many hours you have for work outside of meetings. The keyboard is accessible from any app and lets you share your free slots as a link with multiple invitees. Comes with a Meeting Cost calculator and "Me Time" setting.

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Hi Product Hunters, 👋 We're excited to introduce TimeFerret to y'all! TimeFerret is a beautiful calendar app for iPhones and iPads. It comes with a custom keyboard that lets you access your calendar from any app. The 24-hour circular view shows you how your day is structured: how many meetings you have, and how many hours you have outside of meetings. The TimeFerret Keyboard lets you easily schedule meetings; adding time slots to messages is as easy as adding emojis⚡️ You can send your free slots to multiple invitees and it works as a poll too! How TimeFerret is different from other calendar apps: 1. Quickly see how much time you have between meetings in the 24-hour "Daily Donut" 🍩 2. Calculate Meeting Cost 🤑 3. Fence out certain hours of the day as "Me Time" and flag meetings that interrupt this time. 4. Carve out a few hours as "Meeting Time" and flag meetings that are outside these hours. About Us: We're a two-person team. @sridharv404 is a Xoogler and was an early employee and founding member of an enterprise startup, 3LM, which was acquired by Motorola. @subhashinim has a PhD in biology and now trains the microscope on the design and marketing of TimeFerret. We are happy to answer all your questions about TimeFerret today and would love any and all feedback :)
Great job !! Hopes to ease out the busy schedule?? Any product hunt discounts??
@ayush_chandra Thanks so much 😄 TimeFerret makes it easy to schedule your day, but if you already have a busy schedule, we can’t make it less busy 😸 You can use the Me Time and Meeting Time features to control how much time you spend in meetings and how much time you hoard for yourself for your most important work. You can also use Meeting Cost to decide if a meeting is really worth the time you’re going to spend on it.
@ayush_chandra Oh and we’re offering 50% off on pre-orders! Check it out here: https://www.timeferret.com/pricing
I have more than 3 e-mail boxes, is it possible to merge them all?
@orhanbayram You can view multiple calendars on the app and the keyboard. All calendars configured on your iOS device can be viewed in TimeFerret.