tom mauriello
tom mauriello reviewedTimeCampAutomatic time tracking made easy

IOS version easy to setup & use, intelligent interface. Provides some nice reports. Lot of other app integrations.


Not much but third party app integrations take more time and can be a bit more complex to setup.

I have probably used a dozen different time tracking apps & processes.

Recently I had need to track a lot of time & task details on a couple of projects. The issue with most time tracking tools is if they do not exist within your existing software set, it can be a drag to use yet another app. My one exception to this rule is a standalone mobile app which TimeCamp provides.

Currently I am using (and demoing) the free single user license and I have entered about two weeks of time I had been jotting down in a notebook. Time entry is quick, intuitive and flexible with ample room for notes.

There is a companion desktop and downloadable versions which allow you to upgrade for a broader feature set plus integrations and other bells & whistles.

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