Time Tracking for Freelancers

A simple, fully integrated time tracker for freelancers

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This is the first free time tracking solution for freelancers fully integrated with proposals, contracts and invoices. Start tracking time seamlessly and switch between projects without the confusion of traditional time trackers. Automatically fill in your time sheets or log hours manually to get a comprehensive view of your work day, and more!



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Matt BrownHunter@matttbrown · Co-Founder, Bonsai (hellobonsai.com)
Hi everyone, Bonsai team here, After weeks of research and prototyping, we're very excited to release the first version of our Bonsai time tracker. Bonsai time tracking is latest addition to our freelance product suite, entirely designed to simplify your work with clients, from proposals to payments. We're grateful for all the users that are supporting us from day one and we wish we could have added as makers the 30+ freelancers who've helped us design and shape this latest addition to our product. We're excited to get your feedback and we hope you'll enjoy Bonsai! Happy freelancing!
Efosa S Omorogbe@efosaso · Multipotentialite, Cofounder of TiTo
Hey @matttbrown 👋🏾 any chance you guys might introduce an ESCROW system anytime soon?
Stowe Boyd@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast
@matttbrown lost me at the point where I had to 1/ add a client's email, 2/ create a project, and 3/ assign an hourly billing rate in order to track my time. No thanks.
Artur Arseniev@artur_arseniev · Creator of GrapesJS
The product looks extremely cool and useful, might fit also for small-medium company needs, but what about pricing?
Damir Dulic@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @ Vast.com
I am a bit confused about the pricing model, I can't seem to find it anywhere on the website, your company has to make a living somehow, care to share what model you use?
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Head of Marketing @ Heroic Academy
@ddulic92 If you send an invoice and you client pays they take a small commission.
Redon Gjika@redongjika · Product Bonsai, Former BCG
@chrisschwartze @ddulic92 we are actually completely free. If you get paid online through Bonsai, our payment processors (Stripe, Paypal, and Coinbase) charge the standard online fees payments, so it's the same as if you were using those services directly or independently. Our business model is actually based on our "enterprise" solution that companies are using to manage several freelancers. https://intercom.help/bonsai/bon...
Damir Dulic@ddulic92 · DevOps Engineer @ Vast.com
@redongjika @chrisschwartze Thanks for the detailed reply Redon. A lot of freelancers like myself will first look for the payment model even though it says "free" - things are rarely free. Maybe just put a payment model as a link somewhere in the footer detailing how you make money. It will put at ease at least a few people like me :) Thanks. I will defo try the service.
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Head of Marketing @ Heroic Academy
@redongjika @ddulic92 My bad, I did not now that. Taking my comment back 🙀
Redon Gjika@redongjika · Product Bonsai, Former BCG
Bonsai Product team here. Happy to answer any question you might have or hear any suggestion regarding our time tracking or Bonsai in itself.
Melanie Lajeunesse@lajeunesse88 · CEO, Friendly Reminders
Glad to see this, I use bonsai for my invoicing and I've been really struggling to find a good free time tracking tool. I was using timely which was amazing but they started charging and I can't afford it right now. I'm sure if the Bonsai time tracking tool is anything like their other stuff it's great. Any plans for a desktop version? I don't like having to log into a browser to track my time.