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Long scale, single use stopwatch

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Che-Wei Wang
Che-Wei WangMaker@sayway · CW&T
Time since time since launch appeared on product hunt! http://www.timesincelaunch.com/#... Hi there! I made timesincelaunch as a side project for a physical single use stopwatch that I've been working on. I'm hoping to learn how people use this to inform the design and use of the physical version.
Divyansh Patel
Divyansh PatelHunter@divjpatel · UX Designer | Founder @uiuxcommunity
@sayway nice work! 👍🏻
Andy Davis
Andy Davis@mrandydavis
@sayway Been using it this afternoon. It's great. This would be more amazing as a Chrome Extension or app - for me anyway, as I'm currently using it on individual tasks to push me to complete them sooner. Happy to talk about how I see the product like this developing for uses cases like my own. That said I do like the whole knowing how long it took Y to happen since X 'launched'.
Che-Wei Wang
Che-Wei WangMaker@sayway · CW&T
@mrandydavis I see what you're saying. It could be nice to have an interface to see all the timers you've launched. Right now all it can do is install as a webapp on your iOS homescreen.
Yufan Lou
Yufan Lou@fridsun · Student, RPI
@sayway A physical version is coming? Oh I definitely have to get one for my to-be-born nephew/niece.
Che-Wei Wang
Che-Wei WangMaker@sayway · CW&T
@fridsun I'm documenting some of the progress here. http://timefromlaunch.tumblr.com/ I hope to have something ready to post on kickstarter in a few months.
Ryan MacCarthy
Ryan MacCarthy@ryanmac · Chief Data Scientist, KickFactory
Nice. You can "Time Travel" for a $1, "...not because we want to make money, but because we want this to be meaningful and special. Traveling in time is a big deal. Travel wisely."
Abe Storey
Abe Storey@abe_storey · Entrepreneur & Growth Marketer
Site not loading for me :(