Tim Ferriss Show - Challenging Reality w/ Eric Weinstein

Quite possibly one of my favorite podcast episodes ever.

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Ryan Arnaudin
Ryan Arnaudin@arnaudin · Designer and Engineer
Not familiar with Eric? Don't let that stop you. I wasn't, but listened anyway and found this to be a great episode. Hoping @tferriss does a part 2 soon.
Luke Harris-Gallahue
Luke Harris-GallahueHunter@millennialluke · Growth Marketer, Hurdlr
@arnaudin @tferriss Agreed, I didn't know who he was but was really impressed after listening, they had begun diving into psychedelics at the end of the episode and said they would do another episode at a later date.
Brad Plummer
Brad Plummer@bradplummer · Consultant, Nealon Biotech LLC
Umbrella design, 0 to 1, the virtues of Kung Fu Panda (yes the cartoon), language theory, and more. I have never heard another podcast quite like it. I could listen to @tferriss @EricRWeinstein all day!