Tilt Brush by Google

Paint in spaces around you with Virtual Reality

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Ali R. TariqHunter@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
I'm no painter but this floored me. Watch the product demo video. Has anybody actually played with this in person?
Robert Edwards@robertcedwards · Manager of Creative Tech, Team One
@alirtariq It's pretty awesome...it took us an hour to get a creative director out of the room once he was in the experience.
Robert Headley@robertheadley
I first learned about Tilt Brush in a minidoc about Glen Keane. I posted the youtube video.
Ben Gillin@bengillin · Designer
@robertheadley that Glen Keane video is so awesome. That's how I was introduced to this as well.
Jeffrey Wyman@jeffrey_wyman · At the intersection of Tech and Business
This is amazing. Can't wait to try.
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
This looks incredible. Shame it's only HTC though.
Kyle Rose@killa_kyle · Designer & Frontend Developer
@matt_aunger right now only the Vive has the tracking and controllers to work with Tiltbrush. Oculus have a similar app coming out with their motion controllers later this year called Medium
Matt Aunger@matt_aunger · Community at Pop Products
@killa_kyle Wow! That looks awesome. Also, that makes total sense! So much cool VR stuff happening.
Elia Morling@tribaling · IdeaHunt.io
I tried it at CES; and it's the best app on HTC Vive