Triantafyllakis Saki
Triantafyllakis Saki reviewedTilebeeKeep track of your company expenses in 3rd party services

- Easy to use - Clean UI - Cool idea if you have a lot of expenses to track


- No integration (yet) with 3rd party apps - The initial setup (expenses input is a manual process) will take a lot of time

I really liked the product and I can see why these guys are seriously thinking of working on this. Though it is still an MVP, I can understand (and feel the pain) why it is important to keep track of all expenses. I have a small company but still there are so many things that I keep renewing by accident and it takes a lot of time to refund (and money in some cases that refuse to refund). I would like for future versions to automate the process as much as possible so I can only login with my accounts and then Tilebee will be bale to sync and gather all my expenses in one place.

Triantafyllakis Saki has used this product for one week.
@sakistrian thanks for your feedback. We'll definitely take it into account moving forward. We deeply appreciate the time you took for checking out Tilebee and writing this review.