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Tilda Publishing is a website builder. It doesn’t matter what — a website, online store, landing page or blog — make it quickly and easily with Tilda.

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I'm inspired by the project, the people who work on it. It is really good, it develops no matter what, сonstantly there is something new, project management very attentively concerns feedback from users.

For me, Tilda has become the main development environment. At first there were some objections, they say, it is necessary to write code in wordpad-like stuff, keep yourself in a sweater with deers, grow a beard... The prototype becomes a mock-up, another man makes a mock-up to become a design, the other makes layout, the programmers are working after and so on and so on..

Guys, it`s 2018 outside!

We do not need to stop the car every 30 km to fill a bucket of water in the radiator, right? Times are changing, so is the format of work on web projects has changed, and this is Tilda Publishing!


Simple, intuitive interface. Modern web technologies, CEO section, multi-platformed, speedy, excellent support, constantly evolving project!


It takes time to study the specifics of the work, however, basically this is the teaching that deals with the concepts of design and layout.

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One of the greatest landing page constructors I ever seen!

And I loooove your blog!


It's beautiful and easy


I hate the limit to 5 cites per one account

Tilda is mostly a joy to use, the huge variety of blocks and the control that the site gives you (almost everything is adjustable) allows you to create pretty much anything without code and the results look fantastic.

Now, I'm not sure how well it's being maintained since some internal links on their homepage are broken (404).

The big problem is that, at $10/month with annual payment and $15/month with monthly payment, it is relatively expensive. I think that most people interested in Tilda would be hobbyist writers or photographers (that's just my personal guess) so 120 $ year just for a side project is quite a lot when there are free options out there.

Tilda does have a free option but many blocks are then locked, you cannot connect your own domain name and you are limited to a single page with 50 blocks in total (so blogs are out of the question on the free tier).

Despite that I spent quite a few hours messing around with Tilda and I really do like what I see. I'd love to recommend it to my friends but know they'd find it too expensive.


beautiful, many different tiles covering pretty much everything, fast, give you a lot of control over details


takes a while to get used to, many limits on free tier, paid upgrade pretty expensive, some broken links on their website

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Hi Anna!, thank you for your review. Most people recommend us to up our prices :). If you can't afford 10$, just write me, i can get you free account, no probs :) We love supporting good projects.
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Omg, ordinary 3-4 page website production costs from 800$, just sell and create one using Tilda, and believe me, you will edit your feedback. Living in 2018 and being a geek feeling 10$/mo is too much? There are so many ways around to earn cash legally! Ha-ha!
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Favorite to for fast website building.


Easy to use, user-friendly interface, easy to learn, all in one product


I didn't find

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The product itself is fine (easy to get started and suitable for quite advanced projects). But their support is something! I had to contact them 3 times and answers were basically "it's your problem, we can't help, we don't care". And always extremely unfriendly. What's wrong with these people? I don't understand. To be specific. Last time I had to contact them because switched my account to Free plan and realised that custom scripts, CSS, fonts and maybe something else are gone. There was no proper warning about consequences. After switching back to a paid plan nothing got recovered. I contacted support and here is what they answered: "Hello. If you switched to the Free plan, then the domain, analytics, receivers are disabled because these are paid options. You will have to restore manually"... Be aware that if something goes wrong you'll be left alone and even won't hear sorry.
UPD. After a discussion they restored my website from backup. This is certainly nice, but I'm still wondering why this wasn't done in the first place...