Tiko 3D

Unibody Delta 3D Printer for $179 (Kickstarter)

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I’m Matt, the founder of Tiko 3D. My team and I have created Tiko: The $179 Unibody 3D printer. We’re live on Kickstarter right now! We developed some remarkable technologies that dropped our manufacturing costs while enabling a better printer, and now we want to make 3D printing accessible. 3D printing inspired us to become inventors, so we can't wait to bring Tiko to the world and see what people will create with it. I’ll be here all day responding to comments, so fire away!​
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Great to see someone enter the market with a legitimate sub $200 printer that is focused on quality. Looking forward to watching this one go! I know I'll enjoy using mine...backer #69
This is extremely badass. I need.
@wangyoungchin Glad you like it Cameron!
this looks super cool. I've always been interested in 3d printing. Tiko looks really user friendly -- is it friendly enough for kids? I can see this as a cool gift for my niece & nephew to learn about 3D printing and designing small toys. What design tools / programs do you recommend?
I helped create Tiko's Kickstarter campaign and I've also seen them demo at CES and SXSW. The team has created something remarkable here, and I agree with @ak310i above, kids are going to go crazy for this. At $179, anyone who's ever wanted a 3D printer can now own one or more, and it's a better printer, too. Maker @MattGajkowski is a visionary and he's excited to answer your questions.