Tiiny Host

Super simple static web hosting. No sign up required.

Tiiny Host is a super simple static web hosting tool perfect for publishing your website in seconds. By default, your site is live for 7 days, so it's perfect for prototyping (or it can be extended with our Pro plans).
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I'm always looking for things like this, especially for quick demos and tests. Great job!
Thanks Chris! That's exactly what I was aiming to build. Cater to those workflows. Excited to see what you use it for!
Hey guys, excited to finally launch on PH! I built tiiny.host to simplify web hosting for everyone. I thought it was too difficult / there were too many steps to publish your site today on the web. With tiiny.host you don't need any knowledge of Web Hosting or even Git to get your site live. Just upload a zip file of your site and launch in seconds! Here's a common question I always get: How is this different to github pages, netlify, surge.sh etc? + No knowledge of git or cmd line required (great for beginners) + Sites you upload disappear within 7 days. Great for prototyping and temporarily hosting stuff to share. + Unlimited subdomains (not the case with github pages) + No registration required (you can remain anonymous) All feedback appreciated, thanks!
@_baretto Hey. This is throwing up "Dangerous Site" warnings from McAfee. Are you on Twitter and I can send you the screenshot? I'm at @robmcd85- DM me and I'll send it over.
@robmcd85 thanks for the heads up. It was flagged last week by Google due to phishing sites uploaded but has since been marked as safe. Guessing McAfee is out of date? Will dm
@_baretto @robmcd85 The problem is McAfee I bet lol.
@robmcd85 @nia_daniels Haha yeah I had to submit a request for them to update their listing
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P.s. For today only, here's a promocode for 50% off our Pro plans: "ph50off"
This is great for whipping something up to send / show. Can imagine it being very useful for client work, hackathons etc can't wait to put it to use!
This is great, perfect for prototyping. A lot simpler than Netlify and GitHub pages which I've been using for years! Great work, Elston!