Easily create messages that are Location and Time locked.

Send and open messages at the right time, right location and with the right password. You need a friend to be at the bank by 5pm? Send em details that can only be opened at the bank by 5pm, They'll be there 😊

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This is a very cool concept. @dantelex What gave you the idea for this product?
@jakecrump Thanks. I am a big fan of trust and a thrill seeker. I once ran a campaign for a treasure hunt and it was a hugh success. People really loved it but there was no system to manage this. Everything was done physically and it was location and time based. So i decided to build a location and time based application that could greatly improve thrill seeking. Also it doesn't hurt to know if my colleague got to an event or not, i mean that's the only way they'll be able to open my message πŸ˜‚
Just love this idea! So cool and I think this a real treat for an actual hunt or promo. Thanks!
@guus_hoeve Thanks Mate.