Tight — Simplified Slack

A Chrome extension that simplifies the Slack interface

Tight is a Chrome extension that increases readability, removes many redundant/useless buttons, improves the page layout and modernizes the overall style of Slack.

It's open source — suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

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Sushant Shekhar
Founder @ TalkyJobs
Would have used this If I hadn't come across this on HN just Yesterday http://infozonic.com/2018/08/29/...
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Nickbom bulinat
Hi, thanks for this nice extension. 2 concerns from me: 1. I didn't find "attach" button 2. when opening a thread inside a channel it uses the width of channel, so you get 2 narrow parts: one with channel, one with thread. though there's unused space to the right. maybe this could be improved. A dark theme would be great as well :)
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Chris Buttenham
Founder & CEO - Obie.ai
Love the name. It's tight.
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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
I like the minimalist style you've achieved.
Product Pearson
Product Manager @ Property4Media
Wow that really does simplify the Slack UI. Does it work with all of the different Slack apps?