Tidily.io 2.0

Simple all-in-one to-do list app for tasks and projects.


Tidily is a simple task manager that

1. Lets you manage your project boards.

2. Helps you plan your day, week, month.

3. Keeps you accountable with it's task backlog.

4. Lets you capture quick thoughts in inbox.

5. Offers a super fast experience with offline support.

2 Reviews
Raphaël Chabaud
Mohammed Albelaihi
Nicola Fisher
  • Raphaël Chabaud
    Raphaël ChabaudGrowth & Product Marketer

    A new weekly planner.


    The calendar view is too separated from the list/backlog so it's not easy to use them both together

    No weekly planner on the market is doing a good job in my eyes. Weekplan is too crowded interface. The best in my eyes is teuxdeux as the UI is very good (everything on one screen, weekly view on top/list and backlog in the bottom) but they don't improve this tool any further.

    Raphaël Chabaud has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Tidily has revolutionised my productivity process. Tidily combines the functions that I need but in a way that really delivers.


    Hardly any cons! There are a few additional functions that I would love such as recurring themes and iOS app.

    Tidily combines the visibility of a kanban board with the structure of a calendar, together with the simplicity of a to do list. Easy to set up yet with just the right level of functionality to make it useful.

    Nicola Fisher has used this product for one year.