Focus timer with nature sounds for creators

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@glvninpdx · community evangelist @ tilde.town
I just love apps like these so much. So much of apps that are inherently designed to keep us focus do precisely the opposite––it's nice to have something calm and non-intrusive to break apart a day into. And I especially like the use of contemplative sounds to break up the monotony here. Of note here especially is focus history; I think it encourages good ha… See more
Sean Bakko
@sean_bakko · Creating something cool ;)
Featured Tide on my Snapchat account "Appaday" check out the video! https://vid.me/q4vT
Jamie Street
@jamie452 · Software Engineer
As a bit of a procrastinator I think this could be useful, since it introduces mini deadlines through out the day. I also like how it shows the number of focused hours you've completed each day!
Olga Anosova
@olga_olegovna · SKyPRO AG
very relaxing and great app with clear but nice-looking UI
Mariusz Ciesla
@dotmariusz · Designer & Co-founder of Lifetramp.com
I need this for Mac :(