Price comparison for attraction tickets and experiences

TicketLens compares prices for attraction tickets, tours, and experiences from different websites and tour providers.
Users can save time and money by comparing various tickets, guided tours, and even more tourist activities by using our comparison tools.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters, We are super thrilled to be on Product Hunt! We launched TicketLens to make comparing prices and availabilities for attraction tickets, tours, and experiences a breeze. The idea forTicketLens came out of personal experience while travelling. We always preferred to pre-book attractions and museum tickets, unique tours, and other interesting activities. That way we avoided standing in lines and could enjoy incredible experiences without having to deal with grumpy people in queues, or complicated ticket options in different languages. While we love discovering experiences available for tourists, we got increasingly frustrated researching and booking them. There are just too many websites like Tripadvisor, AirBnB, GetYourGuide, Viator, Tiqets, Klook, and Musement (to name just a few), all of them offering very similar products. We also noticed that there were significant differences in price and availability between them, which meant you sometimes had to visit several websites before finding exactly what you wanted, when you wanted. We asked ourselves if there was a service which could help to compare these offers, did our research, but weren’t satisfied with what we found. In the end, we decided to do it ourselves! Our goal was to create a product which makes it super simple to find and compare offers on different websites. So we sat down and worked hard to build TicketLens to save ourselves and other travelers time and money, and to help all travelers make the most out of their dream vacations. Let us know what you think! We’ll be here all day to answer your questions. Looking forward to your thoughts & feedback!

Great product for anyone trying to get an overview over paid activities in cities you travel to. Currently there are so many different platforms out there that it gets hard to make a choice and Ticketlens helps make choices a lot easier!


Clean UI, relevant content and an overview over ALL possible tours and offers for cities you visit


Also show if there are (complementary service) differences between providers for the same offer

I use it to get a quick overview of what I can do in a new destination since I'm not big into research before my trips. TicketLens also compares more providers at once so my chance is higher to get into an attraction last minute since I don't really prebook anything.


Quick Overview of a Destination Shows me where I can buy the ticket (for best price) Last Minute Tickets


Could already have more information about the offer without visiting the third party website

@tymon_wiedemair Looks good, grab my upvote! Would you like to have an interview about TicketLens at StartupRadius.com? Please ping me at paul@startupradius.com if interested
How different is this service to TripAdvisor (or similar sites), where you can buy tickets for sites and tours?
TicketLens is a meta search engine which compares the offers of providers like Tripadvisor and many more. You cannot book directly on TicketLens but find the best offers out there. So in this sense TicketLens is similar to other search engines in the travel space like Kayak but for a new segment of the market which is not covered by these players at the moment.