TIC TAC TOE application

Your favourite paper game goes mobile

Let’s have a good time with one of the most popular games from our childhood, Tic Tac Toe. All you need is a phone and a corresponding mood 😉 It supports both Multiplayer and AI vs Player gameplay modes, so you can play against your friend or your device.
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Hi. Agree, we are all big kids, in a way) One thing is for sure, we like games. And if the game roots in our childhood, we like it twice. Check out the features our Tic Tac Toe has to offer: - Simple as a paper interface (indeed, it looks like a real one from your notebook). - It has 3 levels of complexity, so you can master your skills. - The app has a hot-seat mode, when 2 users compete on the same device and share emotions. - You can check the Leadership board with all saved results at any time. - The game is adapted for both mobile phones and tablets. - The game AI was coded in C++ and compiled as pluggable NDK module (one for both platforms). So let's play? P.S. for those, who've already played, please let us know, what extra features do you need in Tic Tac Toe game?