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Zach Kaplan is the Founder and CEO of Inventables, which makes software and hardware for 3D carving. Their flagship products Easel, Carvey, and X-Carve are used by a new wave of makers to make everything from circuit boards to skate boards. Zach was named a “modern Leonardo” by the Museum of Science and Industry and a 40 under 40 by Crain’s Chicago Business. Inventables has the stated goal of putting a 3D carver in every classroom by the end of the decade. In This Episode You Will Learn: The differences between carving and 3D printing What can you make with a 3D carver Who is buying and using these carvers How they prepared to raise $600k on Kickstarter How they plan to get a 3D carver in every school by the end of the decade Why they decided to make their very expensive software free How they plan to make money while giving away software What the future of 3D printing and carving is What will be the result of having all these carvers available Selected Links From The Episode: Mark Lawrence, CEO of SpotHero How to use iOS's text to speech Alex voice Favorite Book: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman