Dead Simple Time Logging ⏱

Thyme is privacy centric time tracker, keeping it as simple as possible.

Take back control over the time you track without companies looking over your shoulders. Thyme is transparent in every way.

Completely open source, and free to use.

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Hey People! Just as many services out there, I've started working on Thyme as a replacement for the sheets I made in Excel. I knew it could be much easier, and the time tracking software out there was way to fancy to my liking. Thyme grew into something bigger and super fun to work on. And today I wanted to share my progress on the project so far. If you're looking to start keeping your time for once, or want to move to a more private way of keeping your timesheets: Thyme could be a good fit for you! All the data you log is stored in the localStorage of the browser and can be exported and imported to JSON files. You can also sign up for an account to have an encrypted backup of your data in the "Thyme Capsule". Every part of Thyme is completely open source to keep everything 100% transparent. Feel free to reach out for questions or if you we want to help out. Thank you for your time, Gaya Kessler
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I've been using Thyme for a couple of months and it's been great. I've tried countless of other time trackers but nothing really stuck; they were either too expensive or too basic to make them worthwhile. Thyme hits the sweet spot for me. Plus, it runs locally in my browser so I am guaranteed that it's there when I need it.

Thyme has been showing a steady rate of improvement, with new features or small UX improvements being implemented every week.

9/10 would recommend. I can definitely see this being a 10/10, if it weren't for the weird padding in the datepicker input field.


Open-source. Fits my workstyle. Free version does everything you need. Runs in your browser.


No mobile app yet, but then I wonder if I really need one?

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Thank you for the nice words, Danny! It's good to hear that you like it so much. I'll look into the weirdness of the datepickers you mentioned. Thanks again for the feedback!