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#4 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2015
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Ah, that's why I was added to a list named @rrhoover
@rrhoover @marckohlbrugge Yeah, I started getting a lot of tweets about that earlier this morning. My bad!
@marckohlbrugge @austenallred haha, I received at least 5 curious tweets about that this morning. 😄
@rrhoover @marckohlbrugge @austenallred I'm the Electoral guy, thinking if you build the list as private, and then make it public, it may skip notifications?
@austenallred just tested real quick, looks like the notifications will still happen, after the list is switched to public.
@ryanwi Well now I know not to add my ex-girlfriends to too many lists :)
This is super cool and useful - @AustenAllred whipped it up pretty quickly I believe!
@AustenAllred @tzhongg Wow, you guys are super quick. Yeah, I started working on this about three hours ago.
@AustenAllred Now I understand these twitter lists I'm on of yours!:)
@AustenAllred @schlomo Yeah, I'm a little bit uncomfortable knowing that thousands of people saw me adding them to lists named after someone else, but it will all work out in the end.
@AustenAllred It was super weird but I figured it had to be for a reason, so I asked, haha. Can't believe this went on while I was sleeping though. Serious timezone FOMO.
All of the code is here if anyone cares to fork/edit/whatever
@austenallred thanks for the source. great idea and really slick use of twitter lists and electoralhq. Curious what you used to generate the lists and are you keeping them updated somehow?
@mikeginnyc I used electoralhq to generate the lists (it will grab the friends of a user (who they're following) and throw them into a list. Then I just embedded the Twitter widget on a side-scrolling website. Now that I think about it, this is probably a nightmare on mobile. I literally haven't even checked.
@austenallred who created ?
Neat. Twitter used to have this as a feature back in the day
@msg That's what people are telling me; I wonder why they killed it, seems like it would be interesting, at least in the onboarding stage.
Make sure you turn Adblock off if you want to see those embedded timelines rendered :)