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Generate custom 3D device mockups in your browser.


threed.io is a browser based tool to generate custom device mockups on the fly. Upload your Designs, make adjustments and download your custom mockup! Even works pretty nice on mobile. We're still in beta, but if you're interested in threed, please read the about text on the site.

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Product Designer @ Fatsoma.com

Threed looks great, probably going to use it for Dribbble shots!


Really quick way to obtain great looking mockups. Easy to manipulate the device.


Sometimes in some angles the device has jagged edges. Very small minor however as you can just change the angle slightly or zoom in.

Co-Founder @studio_sansho, Freelancer
thanks a lot for your feedback rhys. threed is still in beta, so we'll improve the quality and add some more devices, soon!
Product Design Manager @Buyhatke
It's amazing for presentation. But, since it's in beta, it doesn't render its @2x aka retina version; looks blurred.

Do exactly what you need from this kind of tool.


Simple and easy to use


only one type of phone

Design Leader, London

I can see the potential in this tool however it needs a few tweaks before it becomes something I can use. I would love to have more control on the glare such as a sliding scale rather than just 'on' or 'off' (both of which don't look realistic enough).

Keep going, it's a great idea :)


Easy to use, great for getting unique angles.


Exported PNG image was squashed

Publisher of T5 tools.robingood.com

I have tested Threed but could not effectively upload any image.


Overall idea and application: useful


Can't upload any image

There are plenty of mockup options, but this takes the idea to another dimension, literally. Simple to use, features work as expected.


Works as expected, great results


Can’t change the phone model or rendering type

Principal Designer, Slalom Build

If you're ever looking for product mockups using nice looking 3d device placements, then this should be on your list. Especially considering it's free, unlike many other options out there.


Fast, useful, has decent customizability, doesn't lose too much quality on conversion, and is free!


Would be nice to have more device formats (currently only smartphone), and seems to be a bit resource heavy - the fan on my Mac goes nuts