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Thread is built for meaningful group conversations. Message, plan, and share with the people closest to you. We'll never show you ads or sell your data.
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Curious how this is different from Telegram?
@john_mctavish My main experience with Telegram is in Crypto groups with thousands of people. I believe it's also used in small intimate groups but it's also used for massive groups. I think thread, by focusing on the intimate part, will build features that would be attractive for small groups. Just a guess, I'm gonna test it now.
@john_mctavish @lui_kohl so what is different between wechat? or whatapp?
@john_mctavish @new_user_27a2dc6e8a I'm not behind the product, I just downloaded it and will test. Maybe the maker can answer your questions? :)
@lui_kohl That's how I got started on Telegram as well. But now I've pulled my family into a group chat and have several local social groups in it along with peer-to-peer direct chats. Really, the only drawback I see is that topic discussions just get lost quickly in an active group. Would like to see something like Slack be introduced where you can start an offshoot thread on a particular group chat post.
@john_mctavish Any advantages over Whatsapp? I don't hear of many people in Europe using Telegram. At least in DE, Whatsapp seems to be the default.
Hi, I'm Daniel, founder of Thread. Not too long ago, I sat down and thought about what the biggest problem our technology-native generation was facing. It was right in front of me, buzzing away on my phone. I believe current social media and social networks are built in a way that harms our ability to meaningfully connect with one another. They're highly addictive, superficial, and socially isolating. They also run a reputation of violating user privacy and selling it to third parties. I strongly believe in ad-free, private social networking as a path forward. I would love to hear your feedback about what we're building. Reach out to me personally at