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ThoughtFlame is something we (selfishly) have been using on own our accounts for a while now. What I love about it is that it keeps my Twitter feed feeling fresh -- even on the days where I am too swamped with work. What I did not expect was that these automated tweets would typically be my most popular tweets. In fact looking at my own Twitter account (@kjstrasser) tweets automatically put out by ThoughtFlame were my top tweets in: June 2017 April 2017 January 2017 December 2016 November 2016 October 2016 September 2016 August 2016 July 2016 This might be bad for my ego to see that automated tweets are doing better than my handmade words of wisdom...haha. But I think it is a good indicator of the power of inspiration and the quality of what we are doing here. The quotes are all hand-curated, have appropriate hashtags, and are accompanied with gorgeous custom-made artwork. This was all done especially and only for Twitter. We have a free two week trial period, as seeing is believing. Don't forget the Product Hunt discount code = producthunting. Keep in mind that we are limiting ThoughtFlame to 250 accounts. First come, first served. Since I know you are now wondering to yourself why we would do that. We are limiting it, as we want the tweets put out to feel special for everyone. While we have thousand of tweets in the system with several different categories. I feel like having thousands of people on this platform would water down the power of it. I just want to share it with people that I know will appreciate it and am not interested in world domination or anything. If you have questions or want more specifics on how it works just hit me up > Kevin AT
ThoughtFlame AND Kevin are awesome! I love the product and it really helps build my thought leadership and credibility. I've received so many kudos on my "positive and inspiring" tweets - people love them! My company, Mod Girl, even uses ThoughtFlame for clients who want to build their thought leadership. If you're an influencer, if you're wanting to become an influencer, or if you are just trying to build up your Twitter presence with some inspiring, eye-catching tweets - You need ThoughtFlame!
@mandymodgirl Thank you Mandy for the kind words and for being so awesome in general.