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#5 Product of the DayNovember 28, 2013
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I think a better way to put it is it's like timehop but private. The key problem we were trying to solve was that I don't really keep a journal. I think the big 2 problems with journaling are that people feel obligated to write big entries with multiple paragraphs, and people usually don't revisit stuff they write. So we wanted to make thoughtback really easy by having entries be way shorter, and to come back to you randomly in the future. Would love to hear your thoughts on this, @hnshah since you submitted "Oh Life"
Some friends of mine are behind this (and I helped with the first version). They just launched the Android app
Interesting concept. So you submit something like a photo, quote, reminder, and it randomly sends you that item at some point in the future. Reminds me of Timehop but with more intention. I'm writing a piece about nostalgia and how it's used in various products. It's such a powerful feeling. Other than Timehop, Facebook timeline, or Heyday, what other products can you think of that leverage nostalgia to drive engagement?
Feel like this app and Bonsai (also mentioned on producthunt) should get together and make a baby...on the days I don't enter a new thought, I'd still like to be reminded of an old thought/memory/etc...
LOL, you hear that, @jcap49 and @nbashaw? :)