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Super convenient tool to write down your thoughts & ideas

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This is great! As a product manager the first thing I thought after seeing this was how awesome it could be for really lightweight lean product specs. I'd have a tab for for overview / timetable, validation, features, tech, and UX. If only you could embed wireframes somehow. What do the other PMs on PH use for this purpose?
@colemercer Thanks for commenting, Cole, great to hear that. It's exactly what I use Thought Plan for myself! :) The wireframes that you would like to embed, are those images or...?
@colemercer @mackseraner I had the same thought -- would also be cool if there was a (non-invasive) comment feature for collaboration.
@_helpmeranda Comments would be pretty cool, nice idea! If you want, you can post a feature request here and have others vote on your idea: Thanks for your feedback, let me know if there's any more! :)
Hi everybody, I'm the developer of Thought Plan! I just got home and was wondering about the large amount of user activity until I was linked here. Thanks so much for posting this. If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them here! Thanks!!! :)
The idea of using Markdown for formatting your thoughts is pretty convenient, although I do believe this is not usable when creating a mobile app/website. I like the layout of a "thought", It's like creating chapters/subjects within a bigger subject.
@bramk Hey Bram, thanks so much for posting this here, you've made my day! :) Thought Plan currently hardly works on mobile because it's not optimized for touch yet. Hoping to have that sorted out soon though! :)
@mackseraner dude you're going great! congrats :)
@mackseraner great v1 Max! Definitely the best free productivity tool I've used in awhile :)
@czug_ Thanks a lot, that's great to hear! :) Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!
Have this problem all the time where I have a thought or idea about a project that I need to write down... I'll grab a pen wherever I am and scribble it on my hand, or use my phone to e-mail it to myself for later consumption. I'd love to see a mobile app + also team sharing capability integrated into this.
@rossdcurrie Hi Ross, thanks for commenting here! :) Mobile apps and collaboration for teams are both planned! :)
Love it! As a creative director, I'm seeing lots of potential uses in the context of client work. Would love to see image embed (for moodboarding) and Slack integration at some point in the near future.
@jgulden Hey Josiah, thanks for the feedback! :) I added your feature requests to Thought Plan's UserVoice forum: * * Thanks! :)