ThisWon Beta

Decisions with friends - vote on photo-based posts

Looks really good. Congratulations 😀
How'd you come up with the idea for this project?
@datarade Hi Kumar! Funny story: I had the idea for ThisWon when I was shopping with my mom when she came to visit me in San Francisco. She was mass texting a few friends to get feedback on two dresses she was contemplating between for a wedding. Unfortunately, she did not get feedback in a timely manner and a few people even left the group chat after too much dialogue. I realized, there had to be an easier, social and engaging solution to making decisions! Our team is constantly making the app and user experience better based off the input of our users! We are building a community that will help simply your everyday decisions. Plus, it's really fun to participate on other people's posts and give your own feedback to posts. Download, create a post and enjoy! Best, Paulina Galoostian @petitepaulina