This Week in Startups - Ep 615: News Roundtable

Danielle Morrill & Katie Benner on the funding market

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I listened to @jason's latest episode at the gym earlier today. Very interesting discussion about the fundraising market. Mattermark's @daniellemorrill is confident we're heading into a tough few years. Give it a listen (or watch the video -- curious to hear other peoples' thoughts on this topic.
@rrhoover I hate it when you beat me.
@rrhoover There definitely is a trend of investors and angels taking a pause to see how the market will evolve. As M.Morritz said, profitable unicorns will be the new rare thing.
This was a fantastic episode. Let's hope @jason and team keep these news roundtables going on a regular basis.
@nickpersico agreed! They are always some of the best @jason
I think there were some great perspectives on the current market and where things are headed, in this podcast. I hope @jason has both of them back regularly for the news roundtable.