This Week in Startups - Ep 600 with Eric Ries

Jason chats with the man behind the Lean Startup movement

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I'm halfway through this episode this morning. Some good conversation around lean startup tactics and @ericries' journey to this point. Here's a link to the video if preferred.
@rrhoover Cheers for video link! Curious to see how @ericries' views have evolved since the original inception
Knowledge bombs from all over the place.
I can't believe there are only two comments on this product so far. Having not read the book yet (What?! I know, I know: n00b), I'm overwhelmed by the amount of FREE strategic and tactical info and insights and can't wait to read all of Eric's books. Since this is so educational for aspiring entrepreneurs like myself, and seeing what is happening in general with education in terms of the value of online schooling increasing as compared to traditional university programs, I have to wonder where all of this incredible free training fits in. I assume professors recommend books and podcasts such as these, but it doesn't feel a part of the ecosystem, which it honestly should be.
First off, the presentation and conversation is great. Filled with insight, a must listen. And lets give it up to Eric, he really has a great message that started a movement. However. Second, I am disappointed with ending when Eric announces that his next book that he raised Half a Mil on Kickstarter will be late - not so much the fact that it will be late but the fact that he is so nonchalant about it. It was also frustrating that this book, in his eyes, is going to be an MVP... and that there will a next book when he gets around to it!? What? I am a backer and would be disappointed if these forthcomings happen. We do expect some type of quality if we are paying 80 bucks. I guess time will tell - I hope I am wrong.