This Week in Startups - Daniel Ek, Founder & CEO of Spotify

Jason sits down with Daniel while in Stockholm to unearth t…

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My friend, @lylemckeany, forwarded this to me yesterday. I'm a long-time fan of @Jason's TWiST and will be joining him on the show next week. 😀 UPDATE: I just listened to this on the plane this weekend. Interesting to hear Daniel's emphasis on focus. Unlike others in the music game, Spotify is very focused on "doing one thing very well."
@rrhoover looking forward to your episode! This was a fantastic episode. I was surprised how transparent Ek was about the negotiation process with the labels and the fundraising process. Really interesting stuff!
I listened to this yesterday and really enjoyed it. There's a short list of incredible founders that don't usually show up in podcast interviews and it's really exciting to finally hear their story when they do!