This Is Your Out

An eject button for awkward situations (pre-launch)

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I like the idea of single-function hardware if it's very useful to the owner, and I've met a few people that TIYO really resonated with. Full disclosure: I'm in two of the videos for this, I think I preferred the role of the horse!
Hey everyone, founder here! Glad to answer any questions :) I'll start by asking one: When was the last time you could have used an out?
@chronos I can remember a lot of times in the past where I have pretended to receive a phone call to get out of an awkward social event/meetup. Neat, albeit probably niche, idea.
I'm really bad at exiting conversations sometimes. I'm going to pickup a TIYO. It's similar to the much desired Tickle, that unfortunately never came to be (cc @alexcornell).
@rrhoover I like how TIYO went hardware in order to stay device agnostic, it's cool to see 2 approaches to the same problem.
@rrhoover yeah you can be a little more discreet with it in your pocket too than trying to tickle your phone which could be mistaken for other bad looking things :)
@rrhoover Man the Tickle-lawyers are going to go crazy! I hear their legal team is legion.
Clever idea but once everyone knows about Tiyo then it doesn't work so well. I think there was an app that someone created where you preset a time to get the call and you can choose to take it or ignore it.
@jlax True, there will be a saturation point, but until then it's well worth it! There are a number of apps that do what you say but the problem comes up when you are in a one-on-one conversation that you didn't expect. It would be pretty rude to pull out your phone in the middle of the conversation, "beep boop bop", and then 30 seconds you mysteriously get an urgent call. With a discreet button, you can hit it without anyone noticing and without planning. To boot we play a repeat-after-me script so you don't have to think up a convincing lie while you are panicked!
@chronos the app I am thinking about you would do it prior to the date. So the equivalent of telling your friend "call me at 7:30" before the date.
@jlax Yeah, even Kit-Kat has a promo app like that right now. It's interesting hearing everyone's stories on what they prepare or setup to get out of things. This just takes out the planning and lets you react to the unexpected.
@chronos I think it is a clever idea, especially your statement about having a BT button for the internet. That is an interesting idea. Triggering varied actions from the press of a button.
@jlax thanks man! Yeah no reason why it can't do other stuff as well! But much easier to market with a distinct purpose (and a useful one at that!)
What about a service that you text message and then it calls you, possibly after a short delay? It would be trivial to build - and no hardware required. Sending a text message during a conversation is not complete taboo. We considered building this - like an "SMS SOS" system.
@philipithomas yeah it's doable and easy, but again the "not complete taboo" part ranges for different people or depending who you are talking to (also depends on the country or culture you are in). With the TIYO it's way easier to be super discreet every time.