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#4 Product of the DayMarch 16, 2015

This is Product Management is a podcast hosted by Mike Fishbein and powered by Alpha.

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Compared to other roles, there's a lack of education and resources online for product managers. It's a fuzzy role and differs across companies but it's so incredibly important, in large part because the PM interfaces with nearly everyone in the company. But maybe I'm biased. πŸ˜‰ +1 for this episode with @nireyal.
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@nireyal @rrhoover Totally agree Ryan!
@nireyal @rrhoover spot on. We actually created the podcast because of the results from our 2015 PM Insights Report that said essentially that. It showed that most PM challenges relate to navigating all the depts that they deal with on a daily basis. The podcast aims to feature each of the hats PMs wear :)
@nireyal @rrhoover The breadth of roles and disciplines is the challenge from a resource perspective. Just like a CEO needs to understand sales, engineering, marketing, design to manage them and connect them well, but not actually do all the roles, the product manager needs that breadth of understanding too. But you can't just use CEO toolsets as PMs typically must go deeper and are dealing with less senior leaders (less than CEO direct reports often). So great that there are more resources hitting this level.
@rrhoover So true. There's a huge lack of education and resources not just online but everyone. There's no college degree that makes you a qualified PM.
@nireyal @rrhoover Absolutely Agree on this. It is true that Product Managers have to be the most aligned to the vision of the organisation. They can actually make or break the company during the initial years.
Really excited that Mike and Nir are working on this! Part of the reason that PM-ing can be fuzzy is that it's interdisciplinary and can be influenced by so many factors. Hope that my eps on community will be helpful, and looking forward to many more!
@sjw It was great having you as a guest!
This is Product Management, a new podcast for PMs. First episodes on Demand Validation, Community, and User Engagement
+1. Totally agree with the lack of resources (which led me to compile this list last year: I'll definitely be tuning in!
@paulcothenet Awesome resource Paul.
Excited for this! I still meet at least one person a week with either one of two questions: 1) How do I become a PM from being an engineer/designer in my company? 2) What does Product Management entail and how can I learn it? Hoping this podcast covers some of that and more that I can point to in the future
@nikunj We plan to cover whatever people have questions about :) for what does product management entail, "A day in the life of a product manager":
@nikunj that's the idea - to focus on the topic and not just the speaker. Every episode = "[Some area inevitably] is Product Management." Happy to take recommendations for areas to cover.