Do you really *need* to buy something?

A fun way to see alternative (and more responsible) uses of money! Instead of blowing cash on whatever you were thinking, think twice :)
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Wow, besides showing the alternative, you also put a link at where to donate. That's really cool. If at least 1 person donates some money for charity after using this tool, you will be making a great impact. And also, taking a little commission from the transactions could be your business model to sustain yourself. Did you think about it?
@ihor_levenets1 I considered it, but never thought it would be feasible for now. This is more of a fun project than a monetization tool :)
Really like the idea. You could make chrome extension out of this :)
really cool idea! however, I gave it a try with $800 and it suggested buying 32 MAGA hats to "support our country"...what??