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Hi Product Hunt! Think Kit is our biggest update to Paper since we first launched - a whole new set of tools designed to make your ideas shine. People love Paper today, but the most frequent comment we hear is “I can't draw,” even from people who are constantly sketching ideas on whiteboards or Post-its. Think Kit's three tools (Diagram, Fill, and Cut) give everyone the ability to quickly create flowcharts, wireframes, diagrams, and charts so that they can communicate their ideas more clearly and beautifully. We're also adding PowerPoint/Keynote export so you can easily create a beautiful presentation from any journal and send it to Slack/Box/Dropbox. We had a lot of really interesting technical, usability, and aesthetic problems to solve in building Think KIt. We're more than happy to answer any questions people have.
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@wmorein sounds like an amazing update. I've always thought Paper was the perfect tool for sketching quick app ideas and wireframes, and just picked it up yesterday to create some new design ideas. Can't wait to try out the latest tools. Congrats guys!
@wmorein yes yes yes. I loved Paper but always ended up back on my notebook or whiteboard. Think Kit does more than I can do with either. It's not just an improvement on Paper, it's an improvement on paper.
@wmorein Great work, always tried to use Paper for sketching ideas. The new tools are just what I needed :)
@wmorein This is so great! ...Soapboxing here, but I'm taking my chances: Paper for the iPhone 6+! (I know there's technical challenges, but I am stubborn.)
@ryanjamurphy We hear you. The most frequent request we get...
I can finally draw. :-)
This is incredible. The whole point of a notebook, whether real or digital, is to get the ideas out of your head as quickly as possible and this latest update is exactly what I've been waiting for. Great work, FiftyThree team!
Anyone have a favorite stylus they use?
@nbrempel of course ;) just curious if its the best one or what other options are.
I absolutely love Paper. I can't wait to get my hands on this!