Think and Grow Rich

Setting goals, staying focused on them, and being persistent

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No reviews yet I was very satisfied with the book The Law of Success, written by the same author; and that is why I decided to read another one of his book. I can say right at start, I am very satisfied with this book also. This is Self-Help book for those who are interested in Entrepreneurship and who are working on plans to start their own business. But there are parts who are good for those who are looking for a job. There’s a good part which explains how to write resume, how to research your employer and boost your chance of getting the wanted position. Like the previous book from the same author I like this one also. There are so many valuable information shared in this book, that no one who reads it won’t end up disappointed. Everything that I summarized up is in depth explained in book. What do I like the most, is that author is spend over twenty years researching wealthy people; but not just any wealthy people, but those who came from nothing and created something valuable in their lives, which has provide them money. I’m a big fan of that persons and fascinated by their stories. Books like this give me belief that there are possibility for every one of us to try and accomplish something in our lives, even tough we are not born rich, we can still work and find opportunities to succeed in life.