Things 3.0

Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

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Niels van Renselaar
@nielsvr · CEO at Codely
I always loved Things, but the pricing seems... off. 44 euro's for the desktop version seems a bit much? At first glance it's almost 400% more expensive then other paid task management apps. And that is with the 25% discount. If you want Things on all your devices; that will set you back around 70-80 euro's.
Francesco D'Alessio
@francescod_ales · YouTuber/Blogger
Bryan Clark
@bryanjclark · mobile @ Khan Academy
This app is gorgeous (on all 4 devices - iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch) — worth every penny; they've been working on it for years and it's an app you'll use every day. The animations are flawless, and the list-management interactions make every other list-managing app feel like a clunker. I'm hoping they'll open-source some of these animation goodies so others ca… See more
Justin Watt
@just_watt · PM @ MetaLab
Too little, too late, for too much. I appreciate the thought and care that goes in to the design and navigation of Things, but their iterations are SO few and far between. There is no way I can justify spending this much on a suite that won't see another meaningful update for 2-3 years. Additionally, their communication (or lack thereof) about product upda… See more
Scott Peterson
@scott_peterson4 · Analyst, Seattle
Two up front caveats: 1. This is an amazing app. I'm just enumerating the things I wish were different. 2. It's totally possible I have missed features. I wasn't part of beta, so have only been using today. No web component No durations No priorities LOTS of taps to get things done (e.g. to move Task in Inbox to a date, tap once, tap calendar, tap date,… See more