Monthly DIY electronics kits delivered to your door.

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Thimble has created a series of monthly-delivered kits that help you understand the fundamentals of electronics and how hardware and software come together so you can innovate and invent from the comfort of your own home. Kits are delivered monthly that contain a project with electronic components to teach kids and adults how to build a fun and useful device.
Nice find @krlnwll I just ordered on Kickstarter
@front9tech thanks again, Scott! :)
This looks great! A modern day HeathKit (if those over 40 recall - apparently they're still around, too:
@jkarp Very cool, thx for sharing!
@jkarp Ah yes! We've had a few folks at Maker Faires tell us about these from back in the day. We sometimes take a peek at what they're up to.
Always been keen on tinkering more and finding more reasons to create with my hands. Fantastic!
@simonlea_ thanks Simon! We launched a kickstarter a couple weeks ago and trying to spread the word. If you know anyone that might be interested, that'd be awesome! :)