Text famous quotes from TV shows, celebrities & more

TheTXTHub is a no-code work in progress project aiming for total text bomb enlightment.
Pick a Wire (aka theme) >
Enter contact details >
Choose the number of messages >
let let the fun begin.
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First of all, @sugardayfox, thanks so much for hunting my product! Incredibly humbled. As pointed out, TheTXTHub is a web app that allows you to text famous quotes from celebrities and TV shows anonymously. It's as simple as filling out your name/email/friend's phone number and choosing how many quotes you'd like to send. In intervals of 2-15 minutes, the quotes will be sent via SMS text to your recipient. There are tons of quotes to choose from, and there's no minimum/maxiumum number of quotes to be sent out. All up to you!
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@hiramfromthechi No bother. It's great to see indie makers shipping sh$t ;)
Was almost participating in a recent Maker competition on NoCodeBase by @theteaguns Where this one blew my mind. I wonder what features plan to add that you didn't have time for @hiramfromthechi?
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@theteaguns @sugardayfox The biggest one is getting some movie Wires up and running. At least one. There's so many quotable movies out there that I'd like to add, but getting at least one up there would be ideal. I think that'll be a next step for the app. After that, I'll keep tinkering with the tools I'm using and decipher what other avenues I can take to continue expanding it :)
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Another one, what stack you built this on? @hiramfromthechi
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@sugardayfox Put this together using Weblium 2.0., Typeform, Zapier, Stripe, Google Sheets, Twilio, Twitter, and MailChimp.
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