Theseus is a Python library for marketing cohort analysis

Theseus is an open source library that provides a set of common functions for use in doing analysis related to product growth: building retention profiles, projecting DAU levels, combining cohorts, segmenting cohorts by age, etc.
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I created Theseus because 1) I feel that marketing generally lacks robust analytical tools, and that maybe creating a foundational library of simple functions would catalyze interest in creating more of them and 2) I found myself re-creating cohort analysis tools every time I built user base projection models, so a standardized library can help to save that time. Happy to hear feedback / feature requests / bug reports! The full documentation and some use cases can be found on the GitHub page.
Awesome! Will take a look and give it a try πŸ™Œ
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Really nice tool. Have "Starred" on github. I like that u have provided a jupyter notebook. You can probably import this in Kaggle and provide a link to that. Also have a a page for documentation like "readthedocs" etc.
I'm actually studying business analytics right now and marketing analytics is one of the things I am supposed to do. Though they are teaching us to do it with R, I've always been more comfortable with Python's syntax and will use your product from now on 😎