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Not the first of these by any means but this one arrived from Amazon this morning and I'm already feeling so much better already from drinking 3 bottles on a very warm day. Comes with an app which connects to my fitbit profile so I'm really happy about that. Easy to set up and apparently has a 12 day charge. I know drinking more water will make me feel less tired, hungry and thirsty but often I get side tracked and just forget or can't be bothered. I'll see how long the novelty lasts but I'm hoping this will prove to be one way that I can be healthier. Of course it's not cheap but neither are the doctor bills or lost working hours due to dehydration headaches :-)
I am a big fan of drinkware products. Would love to test this bottle to see how it handle the job of keeping me hydrated.
In 2013 I worked on a very, very similar project at university. It's always great to see companies slowly catching up ;) - http://www.robertbye.com/design/...
I never drink enough water so this sounds great!
Looks good. I'll have to try it out.