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#1 Product of the WeekMarch 27, 2018

Love timezones for ever! 👉 Follow your teammates and have their local time, no matter if they move! ⛺️ Add places, offices, countries, people, anything and keep track of their local time.

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海外にいる友人や同僚との時差をメニューバーから確認できるMac用アプリ「There」がリリース。海外にいる友人や同僚との時差をメニューバーから確認できるMac用アプリ「There」がリリースされています。詳細は以下から。  Thereはエストニアの Mohammad Rajabifardさんが今年03月に 公開 したMac用ユーティリティアプリで、海外にいる友人や同僚とリモートで作業する際などに相手の国の時間をメニューバーから確認することが出来ます。 As a remote engineer and open sourcer, It was super hard to keep track of my friends timezones. I want to share my practical solution w/ you too! Work across timezones efficiently & remotely - There  ThereはTwitterと連携しアカウントを利用してユーザーを登録出来る他、マニュアルでも入力可能で自身のタイムゾーンと相手のタイムゾーンを入力すればメニューバーから友人や同僚が現在働いている時間を確認でき、今後はMac以外のプラットフォーム用にもアプリをリリースする予定のようなので、興味のある方は試してみて下さい。
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  • James Wrubel
    James WrubelEntrepreneurially-minded CTO.

    I work in a global organization and have to schedule so this seems right up my alley.


    Unzipped the download and it's 224 MB? That's bigger than Slack.

    I'd be curious to know why the download is enormous. I know it seems like a trivial matter but when other single-purpose productivity tools come in at 20MB, I wonder what this one is doing.

    James Wrubel has never used this product.
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  • Bruno Lemos
    Bruno LemosDeveloper

    Beautiful UI and easy to use


    Can't edit people; Can't organize people by categories;

    - It would be interesting to have a way to organize the people instead of showing everyone, e.g. some tabs like "All", "Friends", "Company X", "Company Y" and other categories I create.

    - Also, enable me edit people I added manually.

    - Some people I add manually I know their timezone because Slack shows, but I don't know their city. So I had to find a random city with that timezone.

    Bruno Lemos has used this product for one day.
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Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
👋 Hello THERE (!!) Hunters and Makers! You're doing incredible work! 🙂 I'm Mo, co-founder (ugh, maker!) of There! There's mission is to let you forget about the timezones 🕐🕓, and focus on your communication with friends or teammates! ✨👌 - Who am I? I was a remote worker and I do consulting work for clients based in throughout the world. Most of my dear friends are spread in different countries. ✈️ Often, they travel as well. - What's the problem? It was a real pain to know ⏰ what time is it now for them, 👩‍💻 when they are not working and 😴 when they are sleep! Also, I asked my friends in other remote teams and they confirmed it's such a pain too. - Why a new app? I've obviously tried different timezone apps, but sometimes I don't know who is in which country as well, or simply they were travelling and I had to keep asking them where they are 🙀 I LOVE to answer all and any of your questions, so please do not hesitate and AMA! -- 1. It's open source! Check it out! 2. I should mention @brajbi my co-founder (and older brother!) who designed the DB and worked on our admin panel. @nikkitaftw For her invaluable help as a friend during the work. 3. FWIW I am 17 and a half right now, a minor 🤧
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@brajbi @nikkitaftw @morajabi love it. I paid for Clocks a few weeks ago and couldn't find a decent alternative... this looks to be it!
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@brajbi @nikkitaftw @bentossell Your comment made my day, it won't stop getting fresh updates! 🙌🌷
Jesse Middleton
Jesse Middleton@srcasm · VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
@brajbi @nikkitaftw @morajabi This is absolutely brilliant. As an investor in companies like @RemoteYear and @WeWork with massive, distributed teams, this is a no-brainer. Love the design, the functionality and the fact that you and the team scratched your own itch which turns out to be a big challenge for others too.
@morajabi @brajbi It looks great in the screengrabs, but I cannot use it in good conscience since you require twitter sign-in. Even though you have a panel that says you need to use my twitter to grab my photo and fetch my followers, and auto-update their timezones, no, thank you. Seriously: You don't need my photo. You don't need to grab my followers. You don't need to auto-update timezones by their location. All I want is timezones, and I can add where my friends are. I'm tired of handing over my social login for things that honestly, genuinely don't need it and shouldn't have it. This was part of the frustration with FB, is that they collected data they didn't need and then gave it away irresponsibly. Your reassurances that you aren't going to keep followings or tweets doesn't help me a lot. I can't use this. I wanted a good timezone app, not another thing that wants social data.
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@brajbi @vmarks I can understand it Victor! I mean it. I'm adding a quick sign in by email method. I don't think I will remove the whole sign up thing as it has lots of benefits, especially as I'm working on mobile apps soon. Although we never ever store your any of your followings, never. Just photo, and name. Not even your location from Twitter. Why I chose Twitter in the first place? It was easy for someone like me to get started with the app, but I get it, it was a wrong choice for half of my potential users. I hope a quick sign in by email strategy would be useful for you. Please let me know what you think Victor. Thanks a lot!
Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
Brilliantly simple.
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@chrismessina Super glad to hear that! I tried hard to resist adding more features, more coming soon! Would love to see you using the app :)
Thiago de Carvalho
Thiago de Carvalho@thiagoafram · Founder @ Deer Designer
Awesome! Now consider us Windows users 🙏
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@thiagoafram Sure! Most of the work is done! Subscribe or follow us and I'll let you know :)
Richard Mulholland
Richard Mulholland@richmulholland
This is so smart, and exactly what I need, however useless to me at the moment as it's a single platform. As soon as there is windows support it will work for all my team, not half my team. Massive upvote from me.
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@richmulholland Windows is going to be out VERY soon! So glad to have your support! 😊 Even it might be as soon as Today!
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@richmulholland BTW I should mention more team features is coming as well ;)
Richard Mulholland
Richard Mulholland@richmulholland
@morajabi oh wow. Awesome I'm involved with comms for a global network of 12k entrepreneurs, it's like you made this for us. There may be some enterprise level ideas I have that we could use.
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@richmulholland Oh, I can't wait to hear them!
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@richmulholland And update on Windows: It's getting into the Windows Store, working on the submittion!
Braxton Huff 🙌🏻Hunter@3raxton · Creator traveling the world 🙌🏻
Great work @morajabi! This is easily the most helpful menu bar app I’ve come across in a while. The ability to know if my friends are awake or potentially busy is made so much easier with There. I love how you utilized the Twitter API. It makes it super simple to add a picture of people you’re working with or pull information they’ve added about themselves from the app. Brilliant work, I look forward to seeing what comes!
Mo RajabifardMaker@morajabi · Co-founder & CEO @ There.PM
@3raxton That is super awesome! And I forgot to say thanks for hunting us! ❤️ Made me very nervous, but ultimately it's good so far!! haha Stay tuned, cause I'm working fulltime on it ;)