Home gardening made easy.

ThePlantMe is the iOS App to help you find your perfect plant or manage care of your own plants. No worries about care schedule, ThePlantMe will guide you.
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Hey PH, Since childhood, my brother and I have inculcated a love for the environment. From an early age, we helped the grandmother to look after the garden in the country. We loved to fertilize the soil, treat plants to protect against insects, and so on. Now, we do not have the opportunity to spend time with grandmother so often, but love for the plants has remained. To somehow relief plant need we brought a couple of plants and faced the problem, when you have more than two plants, you constantly forget when and how to fertilize them. To solve this problem, we created ThePlantMe, an application that reminds you when to care for a plant and how to do it. Also, we have collected information about a variety of plants, so that you can find a new "friend" without leaving the application. Choose a plant for your needs and then show the photo in the store. We want to share our work so that taking care of a house plant is no longer a problem because the application will always help and remind you
So simple and useful! Wish it will have bigger base of different plants