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#3 Product of the DayMarch 23, 2020
thePenTool is a library of design assets for all kinds of designers. We know you value your time so we do tedious parts of the job for you. The library includes both premium and free assets so everyone will probably find something useful!
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Hey Product Hunt! This is my second release here :) The thing I’m releasing today is thePenTool. This product was created mostly for designers, but not limited to! The story of how it came to be is simple: I’ve gathered a few products I’ve done in the past in my “freebie portfolio” like Forma , Better File Thumbnails plugin for Figma and older stuff. Decided that they needed a single home and that’s how thePenTool was born. Before launching I added two more assets & one more just now for the PH release.Hope you find something useful for yourself 🤞
love the website design 😍
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@xaviercoiffic worked hard on it, thanks Xavier!
@xaviercoiffic @arsen_kolyba I looove it too -- the attention to detail, fun touches like the cursor and the palette. Just a *tiny* piece of feedback is that I had it open in a tab and came back to it later... when I did I couldn't remember what the product was and it wasn't immediately clear to me what I was looking at, perhaps due to the draw to the design itself. l jumped back to this page for the description "...a library of design assets for all kinds of designers." I also found myself waiting for the cursor text to rotate back so I could read it 😂. For me, the cursor is fun enough without the rotation... or if you want an additional touch, you might have the text that is currently rotating glow with a transitioning set of colors or something 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, don't let those bits detract from the overall accolades 💖
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@xaviercoiffic @carolineartz thanks a lot for the feedback, Caroline! I will consider that :)
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