world’s anonymous “hive" mind – crowdsourcing opinions

theMind - the world’s “hive" mind – a platform for Opinion Crowdsourcing, a community of anonymous users, that ask & answer random open questions and provide opinions. theMind taps into the Wisdom of the Crowd using crowdsourcing, text clustering, data visualization & Machine Learning to analyze opinions - presenting them in “dynamic infographics."

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I had fun with this! Signup was a lil buggy though -couldn’t paste password from PW Manager, also symbols rejected...had to settle for a symbol-free password :/
@jacarandachick Thank you so much for the feedback. We will look into this ASAP.
@jacarandachick I was unable to sign up. Thanks for the tip!
Congratulations!! Such a great idea! 👏
@sharon_savariego Thanks Sharon! This is a first stab and the analytics will still be improved dramatically.
Hey Product Lovers, When my brother and I decided to create theMind — we had an idea: to create the world’s first true collective “hive” mind. A place, where you could anonymously pose any question to the world — and get unfiltered, sometimes politically incorrect, but honest opinion. Now, after months of work with an amazing team of developers, we are proud to share with you the first public beta version of theMind. While a lot of the features are still in progress and the analytics algorithm is still learning, we are eager to hear your unfiltered, sometimes politically incorrect, but honest opinion. Dive into theMind, play with theMind, share theMind and tell us what you think! Vova and Uri

It‘s a great idea, i think, to have all the answers shown to you right away in a bubble chart. Sometimes the match isn’t obvious at all , so you guys should work on it a bit harder!


Had a lot of fun with that! Like the design, too


Statistics is a bit weird, but I guess it will improve with time

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the analytics algorithm will improve with time.