Connecting brands with influencers (YC15)

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From the homepage, it's not truly clear to me. They connect brands with niche influencers. But is it only for the big brands of this world, or could a small shop also benefit from influencer marketing through their platform?
@ndemoor what is the criteria that defines these individuals assigned as influencers? Any data to back up who the hell the influencers are?
@ndemoor Yes, you can create social actions and set a pricetag for it.
@ndemoor @jaronrayhinds They use your social media and Google Analytics to calculate your reach. I guess it's a fine way to estimate if someone is an influencer or not.
Interesting for sure. What does the influence get out of this? 'Sponsored' is all I can see at the moment. What would that mean exactly? Sorry if i'm missing something here!
the site seems sloppy/careless
this shiiii cray, fish filet
This team is gonna do big things!