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Enter a website, get a matching WordPress theme

Theme Matcher keeps your WordPress blog consistent and on brand by creating a theme that matches your main site.

Rob Balian
Dan Jones
Denton Zhou
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    Much quicker than building your own theme from scratch. I also like the fact that you create the exact theme you want really quick.


    It took me about a minute to figure out how to use it, but aside from that no complaints.

    I used this to create a theme, and I was pretty amped about how quickly I was able to do it. As en engineer, it was so much faster to go this route that to custom code my own, which I can do, but I just prefer not to since this saves me about 10+ hours of design + coding.

    Dan Jones has used this product for one week.
Hey PH! Adding a blog to your product site is an effective way to engage with users and help with marketing. I found that getting a WordPress blog to look consistent with the main site was a challenge. If you don't do yourself, it takes a lot of time and money to coordinate with a freelancer to create a custom theme. Since the hard work has already been done on the product site, why not re-use that for the blog? I created Theme Matcher to automatically create custom WordPress themes from existing sites. It copies over the CSS, layout, and images to make a brand consistent WordPress theme. Unfortunately it can't work perfectly on every site, but it is fast and easy to see the result. Give it a shot!
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@patmood Thanks for sharing this. Super cool idea, and having used it, it's cool to see this up on Product Hunt. Awesome stuff.
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Cool idea! Looks really simple, which is great. @patmood what's the process like if you want to make future updates to the styling? Is that just like updating an existing Wordpress theme?
@danny_feinberg since it's a standalone theme, it can be further customized like any other theme. If your original site changes (eg in the case of a rebrand), then a new theme can be generated for free.
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Thanks for sharing. Will definitely give this a try! 🙌