A new photo-based storytelling platform

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The results are truly beautiful! The photo-text combo really works well and keep people engaged. Keep it up!
@juanpablosarmi I hunted it at TNW today, I am not too sure of how it is different from say @medium. Wish the makers join here and share their story and insights!
@juanpablosarmi @medium @vingar Hi! I am also a Co-Founder and the UX Designer at Thematic. Thanks for the feedback! Our goal was to create an image focused story telling format that celebrates large, full window images. if you look at the range of content publishing platforms, there are short form platforms (e.g. Twitter and Snapchat) and also longer form (like Storehouse and Medium). By long we mean that you can write entire posts or full length articles (mostly text based), we are tying to fit somewhere in the middle. Our approach is image focused / image first and relies on big beautiful imagery to tell the story more than text. When its done right it can be really powerful! For example, look at this story we got today about Poverty in Bangkok, Thailand. Please keep the feedback coming! We need it!
I think this is a @Medium for people who think in pictures. I didn't check it on a smaller device, but if it scales easily I can see people using it as a quick storytelling platform focused on the pictures with captions, not words with illustrative images like medium. Do you like to write or take pictures may be the difference between the two.
@Medium @golocalapps Exactly! James and I came up with the idea because we are both photo enthusiasts and wanted to share photo albums and collections, not just a single post. If you travel for a week or have a day long event like a wedding, its hard to capture the whole experience in one moment like an Instagram post. Thematic lets you tell that story with a stream of large, (and hopefully compelling) images. Thanks for your feedback Ross.
Thanks! @juanpablosarmi and @vingar! I am the co-founder and creative lead for @thematic. @medium is great but its more of a blogging / publishing platform. I would say its closer to @tumblr since you can have a lot of text mixed with images. We are solving the problem of how do I tell a story with my photos in a quick, easy, and beautiful way.
Thanks @juanpablosarmi. I did not realize it at the first quick look at HOME page. I think a brief text snippet (with words limit) about the story can setup the context for more clarity about the story/message.
This is cool. Photos really do tell a story, with a little help with some text. Without the text, the user can get lost or "choose their own adventure," which isnt such a bad experiment either. It reminds me of a tool that teachers of young children use to develop imagination, curiosity, inference and reading comprehension skills - the wordless picture book. Popular examples include: Wave, Tuesday, andZoom.