Enabling creators to find & use great music in their videos.


Thematic is a free peer-to-peer marketplace that empowers and enables creators to find and use great songs from real artists in their videos.

No claims. No takedowns. No worries. All the music is pre-cleared.

The fist 500 Hunters will get VIP access to the platform.

*Currently in VIP Beta*

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11 Reviews4.5/5

Can't wait until this company has been around for a few years and see what else they can add to the platform!


Great music, easy interface, game changer for creators.


Smaller library than some, but I'm assuming it will grow since it just went live this week.

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Why does it need to manage my YouTube channel?


Looks cool


Requires manage permission of my YouTube channel

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Hi Joshua! Thanks for checking out the platform! To answer your question, we require that all members authenticate with their YouTube channels on login so we can ensure they are not being claimed for using the music in their videos. Thematic does not take control of your channel, add it to a network, edit, or post anything on your behalf.
Hey Joshua! Thanks for pointing out the permissions that made the login feel less than ideal. We reviewed our options and were able to downgrade our permissions request and still manage to support the user experience needs. Appreciate the heads up! Feel free to login and give it a whirl now. Permissions are view only.
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