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Curated blockchain newsletter for investors by investors


TheBit is a simple and curated blockchain newsletter for investors by investors that updates you in 3 minutes or less, and you bet that it cuts ALL the noise out! The website also has simple to follow guides for beginners to experts, as well as interviews with industry leaders.

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Software Developer, Product Enthusiast

The Bit is a great publication. For the amount of email newsletters I delete everyday, The Bit is rarely one of them.

And while its content is consistently excellent, an area it also shines through is its great design. Every email looks fresh, is easy to read, and fun.

It's also free. Try it out.


Easy to Understand, Lighthearted, and Quick


Has not made all of my money back from a failed Dogecoin investment


I don't have to spend hours of research to be knowledgable about the market. There's so much noise in the crypto world that I can't keep up. The Bit gives me daily, reliable, unbiased, and condensed news. I love it!


Simplicity, fun, engaging, quick, honest


Sometimes I want to know more about specific coins and events. Maybe have a crowd pick section?

Co-founder @ Navattic
Thanks for your feedback Asher! I'm really glad you are enjoying our newsletter so far. Also great suggestion about the crowd pick section, that's actually a comment we've gotten quite a bit. I think you'll be very interested in a feature we will be launching later this month!

Love the daily newsletter! I read it every day - keeps me up-to-date :)


Fast read, always new/interesting stuff, easy-to-understand


Newsletter assumes a basic understanding of blockchain/cryptocurrencies

Founder & CEO @ Perksy

I like the simple design and easy format of this newsletter. Great stuff.


Simple, fast, palatable


Needs more content - which im sure will come :)