The Woodieful Chair

The adaptable piece of furniture that fits into every home.

  • Pros: 

    So versatile and gorgeous!


    Can't think of anything other than padding.

    Would love to have one of these!!

    Christi6746 has never used this product.
Awesome Idea 💡 It reminds me on the "Getting a Seat the table" campaign from the @google at work team:
I guess Google would buy a couple 😉 Unfortunately, €225,- as starting price isn't for the mass market 😫 Hope you guys will have soon more affordable prices to have one of this Woodieful Chair in every office room.
Very functional! Who wouldn't get use out of this?
@jacqvon a lovely product. Perfect for urban living when you want to have a seat for all your friends to visit but don't want to clutter the apartment. love it.
@ems_hodge right, and when you don't want to collect poofs ;)
Bit odd to have a site like this without a big "buy now" button or the like on the main page.
very nice looking piece - id love to see a few cushion options for the older crowd (got a few fam members who'd struggle with solid wood only) - maybe a clever tie down to fit the slats?
Love the product, but it's pretty expensive for what you get.